We use the power of teamwork to become a company that is unafraid of change, constantly earning the trust of stakeholders.

Our world is transforming drastically. If we are to keep up, we, as a member of the manufacturing industry, must also keep changing. The future of the manufacturing industry will be one that requires not only the techniques of expert craftsmen, but also improved QCD and the production capacity to supply products in the quantities that customers demand.

Teamwork is vital to making these changes -- changing the very game. We will continue to coordinate throughout our company, leveraging the power of teamwork to earn the trust of all of our stakeholders.


We are paving the way to the future with our spirit of playfulness and our dedication to taking on new challenges.

A spirit of playfulness and a dedication to taking on new challenges are some of our most precious assets. You can't create new value if you only keep your eyes on what's right in front of you.

We embody this playfulness and willingness to take on challenges through our teamwork. Through them, we are paving the way to a brighter future for the manufacturing industry and the worksites that make it up.

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Since our foundation in 1954, Meiko Futaba has supplied products in the electric wire, harness, and lightweight metal fields that have contributed to the advancement of all kinds of industries.

Our strengths include the expertise and skills we have accrued in our over seven decades of history.

They also include our spirit of taking on new challenges.

The world has entered an era of turbulent change.
Geopolitical tensions around the world. Soaring raw material prices. Supply chain disruptions. Changes in the environment such as these have put the manufacturing industry in a difficult position.

However, we also see this era as being one of opportunities.

We're taking on the challenges of creating products that go above and beyond customer demands, applying ingenuity to manufacture products that meet the needs of these changing times.

We will also fully leverage the management and financial foundation of the Shinshowa Group to further enrich our facilities and expand our capacity, ensuring we can always supply what our clients need.

We want to maintain an even more global perspective, diligently taking on the world's environmental problems and contributing to the development of Japanese industry.

Through our ambition and solid teamwork, we will continue to do our utmost and to improve our company so that we can continue to do business for decades to come and earn the trust of all of our stakeholders.