• Electric Wire Division Environmental Policy

Electric Wire Division

Meiko Futaba contributes to society by manufacturing and selling electrical conductors, insulated electric wires, flexible soft stranded copper wires, and flat braided copper wires.
It is vital that these activities are conducted symbiotically with the local community and in tandem with environmental conservation.
Therefore, the following goal and target framework has been defined, and continual improvements are made to this framework.
  1. It conducts business-centered activities.
  2. It complies with environmental laws and regulations and all other requirements that it has agreed to.
  3. It focuses on and prioritizes the following in order to prevent the pollution of the environment.
    • Effectively using resources
    • Effectively using energy
    • Improving productivity

In order to realize the above, we will make our environmental policy known to all employees and those who work for our company, and make it available to the general public.

Formulated: November 1, 2013
5th revision: January 22, 2021