• Information Security Basic Policy

Information Security Basic Policy

Meiko Futaba Co., Ltd. (Meiko Futaba) implements information security measures throughout the company in accordance with the policy below in order to protect its information assets from accidents, disasters, crime, and other risks, and to live up to the trust vested in it by its customers and society.

  • 1. Responsibilities of management
    Meiko Futaba strives to continuously improve and elevate its information security in a systematic fashion, led by the efforts of management.
  • 2. Internal structure
    Meiko Futaba has established a structure for maintaining and improving information security, and it has stipulated the information security measures it employs through official internal regulations.
  • 3. Measures by employees
    Meiko Futaba's employees acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for information security and implement information security measures precisely and accurately.
  • 4. Compliance with laws, regulations, and contractual requirements
    Meiko Futaba complies with information security-related laws, regulations, rules, codes, and contractual obligations, and it lives up to the expectations of customers.
  • 5. Responses to infractions and accidents
    Meiko Futaba deals with all information security-related legal infractions, regulatory infractions, contractual infractions, and accidents appropriately and strives to prevent reoccurrences.

Enacted on May 27, 2022
Meiko Futaba Co., Ltd.
Representative Director & CEO, Takafumi Kayano