• Electric Wire Division Quality Policy

Electric Wire Division
Quality Policy

As a manufacturer and seller of electrical conductors, insulated electric wires, flexible soft stranded copper wires, and flat braided copper wires, Meiko Futaba's highest priorities are compliance with laws, regulations, and rules; meeting the requests and demands of its customers; using its advanced technical strengths and spirit of innovation to supply products that customers can trust, and improving customer satisfaction.
  1. To ensure that its products comply with customer requirements, it has established a quality management system which it is continually improving.
  2. It has defined the following as a framework for setting quality targets and performing reviews.
    1. We will raise productivity and stabilize profitability.
    2. We will raise our overall efficiency.
    3. We will eliminate all outside complaints.
  3. This has been conveyed and explained to all Meiko Futaba employees.

Formulated: November 1, 2013
5th revision: January 22, 2021