Meiko Futaba has supported Japan's manufacturing industry for over 70 years. Let's take a look back at our journey:

  1. February 1954:

    February 1954:

    Establishment of "Meiden Shoji Co., Ltd."
    (Founder: Minoru Tatsuguchi)
    Started selling magnet wires.

  2. April 1955:

    Changed the company name from Meiden Shoji Co., Ltd. to "Meiko Denko Co., Ltd.

  3. December 1956:

    Construction of a wire manufacturing plant in Kugahara, Ota-ku, Tokyo.
    Started manufacturing drawn copper, fine wire, and enameled copper wire.

  4. May 1957

    May 1957:

    Establishment of "Futaba Electric Wire Manufacturing Plant" in Tsutsumi-kata-machi, Ota-ku, Tokyo.
    Started manufacturing stranded copper wire and flexible tinned copper wire.

  5. July 1959:

    The company name changed from Meiko Denko Co., Ltd. to "Meiko Densen Kogyo Co., Ltd." and expanded the drawn copper and annealing plant.

  6. June 1961:

    June 1961:

    The name of "Futaba Electric Wire Manufacturing Plant" changed to "Futaba Electric Wire Co., Ltd.

  7. March 1970:

    March 1970:

    Construction of the Meiko Densen Kogyo Tatomi Plant in Tatomi, Yamanashi.
    Started manufacturing drawn copper, fine wire, twisted wire, and tinned twisted wire.

  8. May 1973:

    May 1973:

    Construction of the Meiko Densen Kogyo Rokugo Plant in Rokugo, Yamanashi.
    Started production of electronic components and equipment wiring.

  9. September 1980:

    Due to the development of the electronics division, the company name changed from Meiko Densen Kogyo Co., Ltd. to "Meiko Denko Co., Ltd."

  10. July 1982:

    Construction of the Meiko Denko Toyotomi Plant in Toyotomi, Yamanashi. Moved the equipment wiring division from the Rokugo Plant and significantly increased production capacity.

  11. October 1983:

    October 1983:

    Establishment of the Futaba Electric Wire Ibaraki Plant No. 1 in Mizukaido, Ibaraki.

  12. October 1985:

    October 1985:

    Establishment of the Meiko Denko Tohoku Office in Ichinoseki, Iwate. Established as a sales and manufacturing base for the Tohoku region.

  13. March 1988:

    Relocation of the Meiko Denko headquarters to Oval Building, 1, Ooi, Shinagawa, Tokyo.

  14. June 2007:

    Acquisition of the management rights of "Santa Keikinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  15. January 2012:

    Integration of management between Meiko Denko Co., Ltd. and Futaba Electric Wire Co., Ltd. Established the new company name "Meiko Futaba Co., Ltd."

  16. May 2015:

    Moved the headquarters to Hitachi Dai-roku Building, 2, Kyobashi, Chuo.

  17. December 2015:

    Acquired the management rights of "Ofuji Denko Co., Ltd." and made it a wholly-owned subsidiary.

  18. April 2021:

    The light metal division of Cast One Co., Ltd. (formerly Santa Keikinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd.) was consolidated through a corporate split. Ueda Hybrid Factory was established in Ueda, Nagano.

  19. April 2023:

    Entered the Shinshowa Group. Takafumi Kayano assumed the position of Representative Director and CEO.

  20. April 2024:

    Renovated and commenced operation of the Rokugo Plant as an aluminum wire manufacturing plant.

We will continue to strive towards becoming a century-old company.