• Harness Business Division Environmental Policy

Harness Business Division

Fundamental philosophy

The Meiko Futaba Co., Ltd. Tohoku Office (Tohoku Office) manufactures wire harnesses and electronic devices and units. As a company that supports the electronics industry, it has positioned the conservation of the environment as one of its business challenges and actively implements efforts to achieve this. It contributes to the development of the local community in harmony with the rich natural environment of the Ichinoseki region.

Basic Policy

  1. The Tohoku Office strives to prevent pollution and to minimize the environmental impact of all of its business activities, manufacturing, and services.
  2. It maintains a proper understanding of environmental issues, sets environmental goals and targets, has established a framework for conducting reviews, and strives to continuously improve its environmental management system.
  3. It strives to improve operational efficiency, to conserve resources, and to reduce energy consumption while actively carrying out activities that enable it to supply environmentally friendly products.
  4. It complies with environmental laws and regulations and all other requirements that the Tohoku Office has agreed to.
  5. All employees are informed of the Tohoku Office's Environmental Policy, and the policy has been disclosed to the general public.
  6. The Tohoku Office actively works to manage the chemical substances in its products, conducts product environmental assessments to ensure compliance with related laws and regulations, and has created a management system based on the Green Procurement Standards.

Formulated: June 29, 2004 (1st edition)
5th revision: July 1, 2017 (24th edition)