• Electrical Conductors

Electrical Conductors

Thin, Long

Meiko Futaba's electric wires have an extensive track record of use in EV/hybrid vehicles, successors to gasoline-powered vehicles.

We're dedicated to quality, creating wires using 1.4 million meter lengths of 50 micron-wide fine wires, without any cutting. We use an integrated production system to meet customer demands for short lead times.

Meiko Futaba takes on new challenges

Our dedication to fine wires

Our dedication to fine wires

We create electric wires that are thinner than a strand of hair.

The secret to creating flexible electric wires is creating thin wires.
By processing fine wires, stranded wires, and braided wires, we're supporting prototyping and R&D, meeting the needs of our customers.
We have a track record of creating ultra-thin fine wires measuring just 10 microns in diameter, not only using copper wire but also other metals, and we can create wire in a wide range of configurations.

Wire materials with which Meiko Futaba has a proven track record
Copper wire
Stainless steel wire
Taking on the challenges of aluminumTaking on the challenges of aluminum

Taking on the challenges of aluminum

We don't just make copper wire; we are also dedicating ourselves to the creation of aluminum electric wires.
Aluminum has seldom been used for these applications because it is less conductive than copper, but the demand for aluminum electric wire has been rising in recent years due to its light weight and lower cost.
For vehicles, in particular, reducing vehicle weights also contributes to improved fuel mileage.
In 2024, we will be establishing a new plant that specializes in aluminum and working to take on the world with our aluminum wire.

Taking on the challenges of new materials

Taking on the challenges of new materials

Until now, we have only been processing metals, such as copper. However, to achieve greater wire strength and durability while reducing wire weight, we will also take on the challenges of braiding and stranding wire made from materials other than metal.

Plant certification

Plant certification

Meiko Futaba's plants have received various certifications.